How I solve it?

4 months ago | edited 4 months ago


Oops, I wrote solutions, but I can’t do it, sorry, so the solution is on the “Solutions”
But for you, if you can’t solve it, keep in mind one thing, you must want solve it instead you only think that you need to solve it. I mean, need to develop a desire to solve the problem, so your brain will work better)) I didn’t understand it before this level.

Mugi [Mugiwara27]
4 months ago


hmmm I think “a desire to solve the problem” = “a need to solve the problem”… I don’t really get what advice you want to gives us

If someone reading this is really stuck somewhere on this level, just read the whole forum about this level, I’m pretty sure there is wayyyy more than enough to solve it

4 months ago


You should pin this post as hint for all levels, @Mugiwara27 ;)

HAL [VileAnnie]
4 months ago


[quote=Plato]Necessity is the mother of invention[/quote]

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