HOW MANY other people CRINGE when you see your parents TOUCH A COMPUTER!!!!!!!!



Believe it or not… I just went through / am going through a terrible episode of cyber bullying, stalking, & slander. It was so bad that I nearly ate some lead. Now I am using my anger and frustration to fuel my passion for pen-testing. I want to make sure this never happens again. To me… or anybody else for that matter.

Unfortunately, people choose to be complacent, and this is bound to happen to tons more folks. So I’m here to learn so that I can help defend and inform the less computer savy. I want to be able to help people who are stalking victims like myself… and DESTROY the assholes who partake in such evils. (Its one thing to get even… its another thing to push someone to the point of contemplating suicide.)

So yea… now that I’m fairly enlightened… I cringe every time I see my dad (or any boomer lol) touch a computer. Planning on getting my own router / switch to quarentine my side of the network. It’s that or kick him out into the DMZ to use as a decoy ROFL! As fun as that would be… I’m not that mean :-P

See ya around!

PS: If you are experienceing issues like bullying / stalking of any kind and need someone to talk to feel free to hit me up. I’m not really a hacker yet… but I have tons of other advise/knowledge that helps with the topic. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! PM me!

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Hacking hackers is never a good option. Ask the police for help instead.

Jenny_from_da Block-chain [wokelikecoke]
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It was the police/my aunts church/ and like ¼ of the town… its a long story… I elaborated but i’m using tor so it effed up and my ip renewed erasing it. Point is I hate all of them and just want my privacy. I need to learn this shit to protect my self / and learn to make bank (honestly of course ) so i can I leave this shithole and start a new life. I dont want to hack them… I’ll just tell the world (admin removed)[I dont think hate speech will resolve anything] evrywhere i go.

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