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Introduction to MIPS Assembly

General Assembly Introduction What is Assembly? Assembly is a the second level of abstraction between hardware and software. Assembly conforms the operations of an instruction set architecture (ISA) of a given processor. For example: - x86 -...

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Latest news

IT Leaders Consider Security Tech a Part of Business Transformation

Security makes the top 10 list of technologies changing how organizations operate, an indicator of how information security is increasingly viewed...

Dark Reading | 13 hours ago
Fraud Is On the Rise, and It's Going to Get Worse

The acceleration of the digital transformation resulted in a surge of online transactions, greater adoption of digital payments, and increased fraud.

Dark Reading | 17 hours ago
The Internet’s Most Tempting Targets

What attracts the attackers? David "moose" Wolpoff, CTO at Randori, discusses how to evaluate your infrastructure for juicy targets.

Threatpost | 18 hours ago
Merck Awarded $1.4B Insurance Payout over NotPetya Attack

Court rules ‘War or Hostile Acts’ exclusion doesn’t apply to the pharma giant's 2017 cyberattack.

Threatpost | 19 hours ago
REvil Ransomware Gang Arrests Trigger Uncertainty, Concern in Cybercrime Forums

Threat actors from Eastern Europe seen expressing some concern about Russia being a safe place for them to continue operating, researchers say.

Dark Reading | 19 hours ago
20K WordPress Sites Exposed by Insecure Plugin REST-API

The WordPress WP HTML Mail plugin for personalized emails is vulnerable to code injection and phishing due to XSS.

Threatpost | 21 hours ago
Looking Beyond Biden's Binding Security Directive

Implementing these and other security procedures will greatly improve the security posture of the United States and its private partners.

Dark Reading | 21 hours ago
McAfee Bug Can Be Exploited to Gain Windows SYSTEM Privileges

McAfee has patched two high-severity bugs in its Agent component, one of which can allow attackers to achieve arbitrary code execution with SYSTEM...

Threatpost | 22 hours ago
Spyware Blitzes Compromise, Cannibalize ICS Networks

The brief spearphishing campaigns spread malware and use compromised networks to steal credentials that can be sold or used to commit financial...

Threatpost | a day ago
2FA Bypassed in $34.6M Crypto.com Heist: What We Can Learn

In a display of 2FA's fallibility, unauthorized transactions approved without users' authentication bled 483 accounts of funds.

Threatpost | a day ago
Biden Broadens NSA Oversight of National Security Systems

New Cybersecurity National Security Memorandum will let the spy agency "identify vulnerabilities, detect malicious threat activity and drive...

Dark Reading | a day ago
(ISC)² Appoints Jon France, CISSP, as Chief Information Security Officer

Accomplished cybersecurity leader will advocate globally for best practices in risk management and head up association security operations.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Researchers Discover Dangerous Firmware-Level Rootkit

MoonBounce is the latest in a small but growing number of implants found hidden in a computer's Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

Dark Reading | a day ago
Automating Response Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Organizations should balance process automation and human interaction to meet their unique security requirements.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Red Cross Hit via Third-Party Cyberattack

The incident compromised the personal data and confidential information of more than 515,000 "highly vulnerable people," the Red Cross reports.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Critical Cisco StarOS Bug Grants Root Access via Debug Mode

Cisco issued a critical fix for a flaw in its Cisco RCM for Cisco StarOS Software that could give attackers RCE on the application with root-level...

Threatpost | a day ago
Microsoft: Attackers Tried to Login to SolarWinds Serv-U Via Log4j Bug

UPDATE: SolarWinds has fixed a Serv-U bug discovered when attackers used the Log4j flaw to try to log in to the file-sharing software.

Threatpost | a day ago
Enterprises Are Sailing Into a Perfect Storm of Cloud Risk

Policy as code and other techniques can help enterprises steer clear of the dangers that have befallen otherwise sophisticated cloud customers.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Pervasive Apple Safari Bug Exposes Web-Browsing Data, Google IDs

The information-disclosure issue, affecting Macs, iPhones and iPads, allows a snooping website to find out information about other tabs a user...

Threatpost | a day ago
Red Cross Begs Attackers Not to Leak Stolen Data for 515K People

A cyberattack forced the Red Cross to shut down IT systems running the Restoring Family Links system, which reunites families fractured by war,...

Threatpost | a day ago
4 Ways to Develop Your Team's Cyber Skills

Organizations need to invest in professional development — and then actually make time for it.

Dark Reading | 2 days ago
Cisco's Kenna Security Research Shows the Relative Likelihood of an Organization Being Exploited

A record-breaking 20,130 vulnerabilities were reported in 2021. However, only 4% pose a high risk to organizations.

Dark Reading | 2 days ago
FireEye & McAfee Enterprise Renamed as Trellix

Symphony Technology Group announces a name for the newly merged company, which aims to become a leader in extended detection and response (XDR).

Dark Reading | 2 days ago
What Happens to My Organization If APIs Are Compromised?

Once attackers have obtained access, they can compromise other systems or pivot within your networks.

Dark Reading | 2 days ago

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