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Introduction to MIPS Assembly

General Assembly Introduction What is Assembly? Assembly is a the second level of abstraction between hardware and software. Assembly conforms the operations of an instruction set architecture (ISA) of a given processor. For example: - x86 -...

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Patch Madness: Vendor Bug Advisories Are Broken, So Broken

Duston Childs and Brian Gorenc of ZDI take the opportunity at Black Hat USA to break down the many vulnerability disclosure issues making patch...

Dark Reading | 2 days ago
Feds: Zeppelin Ransomware Resurfaces with New Compromise, Encryption Tactics

The CISA has seen a resurgence of the malware targeting a range of verticals and critical infrastructure organizations by exploiting RDP, firewall...

Threatpost | 2 days ago
Software Supply Chain Chalks Up a Security Win With New Crypto Effort

GitHub, the owner of the Node Package Manager (npm), proposes cryptographically linking source code and JavaScript packages in an effort to shore...

Dark Reading | 2 days ago
Sounding the Alarm on Emergency Alert System Flaws

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is urging states and localities to beef up security around proprietary devices that connect to the...

Krebs on Security | 2 days ago
Novel Ransomware Comes to the Sophisticated SOVA Android Banking Trojan

Unusually, SOVA, which targets US users, now allows lateral movement for deeper data access. Version 5 adds an encryption capability.

Dark Reading | 2 days ago
How to Clear Security Obstacles and Achieve Cloud Nirvana

Back-end complexity of cloud computing means there's plenty of potential for security problems. Here's how to get a better handle on SaaS...

Dark Reading | 2 days ago
Facebook’s In-app Browser on iOS Tracks ‘Anything You Do on Any Website’

Researcher shows how Instagram and Facebook’s use of an in-app browser within both its iOS apps can track interactions with external websites.

Threatpost | 2 days ago
Microsoft: We Don't Want to Zero-Day Our Customers

The head of Microsoft's Security Response Center defends keeping its initial vulnerability disclosures sparse — it is, she says, to protect c...

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
Krebs: Taiwan, Geopolitical Headwinds Loom Large

During a keynote at Black Hat 2022, former CISA director Chris Krebs outlined the biggest risk areas for the public and private sectors for the...

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
After Colonial Pipeline, Critical Infrastructure Operators Remain Blind to Cyber-Risks

In her keynote address at Black Hat USA 2022, Kim Zetter gives a scathing rebuke of Colonial Pipeline for not foreseeing the attack.

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
Supply Chain Security Startup Phylum Wins the First Black Hat Innovation Spotlight

Up-and-coming companies shoot their shot in a new feature introduced at the 25th annual cybersecurity conference.

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
It Might Be Our Data, But It’s Not Our Breach

A cybersecurity firm says it has intercepted a large, unique stolen data set containing the names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers,...

Krebs on Security | 3 days ago
Cyber-Insurance Fail: Most Businesses Lack Ransomware Coverage

Even among businesses with cyber insurance, they lack coverage for basic costs of many cyberattacks, according to a BlackBerry survey.

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
4 Flaws, Other Weaknesses Undermine Cisco ASA Firewalls

More than 1 million instances of firewalls running Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software have four vulnerabilities that undermine its...

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
New Cross-Industry Group Launches Open Cybersecurity Framework

Eighteen companies, led by Amazon and Splunk, announced the OCSF framework to provide a standard way for sharing threat detection telemetry among...

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
Cisco Confirms Data Breach, Hacked Files Leaked

Ransomware gang gained access to the company's VPN in May by convincing an employee to accept a multifactor authentication (MFA) push notification.

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
Starlink Successfully Hacked Using $25 Modchip

Belgian researcher Lennert Wouters revealed at Black Hat how he mounted a successful fault injection attack on a user terminal for SpaceX’s s...

Threatpost | 3 days ago
New Hacker Forum Takes Pro-Ukraine Stance

A uniquely politically motivated site called DUMPS focuses solely on threat activity directed against Russia and Belarus

Threatpost | 3 days ago
The Time Is Now for IoT Security Standards

Industry standards would provide predictable and understandable IoT security frameworks.

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
Dark Reading News Desk: Live at Black Hat USA 2022

TODAY at 10 PT: Dark Reading News Desk returns to Black Hat USA 2022

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
Cisco Confirms Network Breach Via Hacked Employee Google Account

Networking giant says attackers gained initial access to an employee’s VPN client via a compromised Google account.

Threatpost | 3 days ago
Inside the Hackers’ Toolkit – Podcast

This edition of the Threatpost podcast is sponsored by Egress.

Threatpost | 3 days ago
New Open Source Tools Launched for Adversary Simulation

The new open source tools are designed to help defense, identity and access management, and security operations center teams discover vulnerable...

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
New HTTP Request Smuggling Attacks Target Web Browsers

Threat actors can abuse weaknesses in HTTP request handling to launch damaging browser-based attacks on website users, researcher says.

Dark Reading | 4 days ago

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