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Build a virtual private network with Wireguard and Fedora

Wireguard is a new VPN designed as a replacement for IPSec and OpenVPN. Its design goal is to be simple and secure, and it takes advantage of recent technologies such as the Noise Protocol Framework. Some consider Wireguard’s ease of c...

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Holiday Shoppers Beware: 100K Malicious Sites Found Posing as Well-Known Retailers

The copycat sites are using valid certificates to be more convincing.

Threatpost | 4 hours ago
Illegal Booter Connected with DDoSes Sentenced to Prison, Fine

The Illinois-based man operated a criminal service that launched millions of DDoS attacks and brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dark Reading | 4 hours ago
Soft Skills: 6 Nontechnical Traits CISOs Need to Succeed

Degrees, certifications, and experience are all important to career development, but mastering the people side of the equation may matter a whole...

Dark Reading | 4 hours ago
12 Tips for Dealing with a Manipulative Security Manager

Don't let yourself be stuck in an unhealthy work environment with a toxic manager who takes advantage of your talent.

Dark Reading | 7 hours ago
James Clapper: Lessons Learned in a Post-Snowden World

Former national intelligence director James Clapper discusses lessons learned from the 2013 Snowden leak as well as the top cyberthreats that the...

Threatpost | 7 hours ago
Black Hat Europe Brings A Bevy of IoT Security Insights

Attend this London event next month for the latest on how security researchers are finding (and solving) security vulnerabilities in all of your...

Dark Reading | 8 hours ago
Lizard Squad Threatens UK’s Labour Leader with Cyberattacks Against His Family

The threats follow a DDos attack bent on taking out the Labour Party's online presence.

Threatpost | 8 hours ago
Attackers' Costs Increasing as Businesses Focus on Security

Based on penetration tests and vulnerability assessments, attackers' costs to compromise a company's network increases significantly when security...

Dark Reading | 9 hours ago
DevSecOps: The Answer to the Cloud Security Skills Gap

There's a skills and resources gap industrywide, but a DevSecOps approach can go a long way toward closing that gap.

Dark Reading | 11 hours ago
Stealthy Malware Flies Under AV Radar with Advanced Obfuscation

A threat campaign active since January customizes long-used droppers to infect victim machines and lift credentials and other data from browsers,...

Threatpost | 11 hours ago
Symantec, McAfee Patch Privilege Escalation Bugs

All versions of endpoint protection software from both vendors were susceptible to near identical issue, SafeBreach says.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Double Vision: Stealthy Malware Dropper Delivers Dual RATs

A lengthy, multi-stage infection process leads to a duo of payloads, bent on stealing data.

Threatpost | a day ago
I'm Setting Up a Bug-Bounty Program. What Should I be Thinking About?

Here are some important points to factor into your vulnerability disclosure policy.

Dark Reading | a day ago
BSIMM10 Shows Industry Vertical Maturity

The Building Security In Maturity Model is the only detailed measuring stick for software security initiatives, and it continues to evolve.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Capture the Flag Planned to Find Missing Persons Information

The competition, launched by SANS and Trace Labs, will put to use open source information in search of new clues.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Attacks on Healthcare Jump 60% in 2019 - So Far

Well-known Trojans Emotet and Trickbot are cybercriminals' favorite weapons in their campaigns.

Dark Reading | a day ago
5 Cybersecurity CISO Priorities for the Future

Seven chief information security officers share their pain points and two-year spending plans.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Just-Released Checkra1n iPhone Jailbreak Stirs Security Concerns

Now that the checkm8 BootROM vulnerability has a working exploit, security pros are warning of potential attacks.

Threatpost | a day ago
US-CERT Warns of Remotely Exploitable Bugs in Medical Devices

Vulnerabilities in key surgical equipment could be remotely exploited by a low-skill attacker.

Dark Reading | a day ago
8 Backup & Recovery Questions to Ask Yourself

Don't wait until after a disaster, DDoS, or ransomware attack to learn just how good your backups really are.

Dark Reading | a day ago
California’s Domino Effect on U.S. Privacy Regulation

In this video, a security expert discusses the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and its potential impact on privacy regulation across the U.S.

Threatpost | a day ago
Website, Know Thyself: What Code Are You Serving?

Code-injection via third- and fourth-party scripts -- as seen with Magecart -- is a growing security problem for websites.

Threatpost | a day ago
How Does Your Cyber Resilience Measure Up?

The security measures companies take today may not be enough for tomorrow's cyber assault, but switching to a proactive, risk-based framework may...

Dark Reading | a day ago
APT33 Mounts Focused, Highly Targeted Botnet Attacks Against U.S. Victims

The APT is using small botnets to take espionage aim at military and academic organizations.

Threatpost | a day ago

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