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Introduction to MIPS Assembly

General Assembly Introduction What is Assembly? Assembly is a the second level of abstraction between hardware and software. Assembly conforms the operations of an instruction set architecture (ISA) of a given processor. For example: - x86 -...

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U.S. Govt. Apps Bundled Russian Code With Ties to Mobile Malware Developer

A recent scoop by Reuters revealed that mobile apps for the U.S. Army and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were integrating ...

Krebs on Security | 13 hours ago
Cybersecurity Consolidation Continues, Even as Valuations Stall

Financing and acquisitions are trending toward smaller deals, which means fewer high-valuation purchases and funding, but likely fewer post-merger...

Dark Reading | 14 hours ago
Cyber-Threat Group Targets Critical RCE Vulnerability in 'Bleed You' Campaign

More than 1,000 systems are exposed to a campaign hunting weak Windows servers and more.

Dark Reading | 15 hours ago
Global Cyber-Enforcement Op Nets $130M, Says Interpol

A worldwide operation aimed at curtailing fraud has led to the arrest of 975 suspects and the seizure of nearly $130 million, as Interpol expands...

Dark Reading | 16 hours ago
Black Basta Gang Deploys Qakbot Malware in Aggressive Cyber Campaign

The ransomware group is using Qakbot to make the initial point of entry before moving laterally within an organization’s network.

Dark Reading | 16 hours ago
$275M Fine for Meta After Facebook Data Scrape

Meta has been found in violation of Europe's GDPR rules requiring the social media giant to protect user data by "design and default."

Dark Reading | 17 hours ago
KnowBe4 Launches New Mobile Learner App for Cybersecurity Learning

KnowBe4 empowers end users by introducing security awareness and compliance training on the go at no additional cost.

Dark Reading | 20 hours ago
NanoLock Brings Built-In Meter-Level Cybersecurity to Renesas Customers

The DLMS-compatible, zero-trust meter-level security is built into the Renesas smart meter solutions, enabling smart meter manufacturers to get to...

Dark Reading | 20 hours ago
Bring Your Own Key — A Placebo?

BYOK was envisioned to reduce the risk of using a cloud service provider processing sensitive data, yet there are several deficiencies.

Dark Reading | 21 hours ago
Slippery RansomExx Malware Moves to Rust, Evading VirusTotal

A new, harder-to-peg version of the ransomware has been rewritten in the Rust programming language.

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
For Gaming Companies, Cybersecurity Has Become a Major Value Proposition

New users and monetization methods are increasingly profitable for gaming industry, but many companies find they have to stem growth in cheats,...

Dark Reading | 3 days ago
How Development Teams Should Respond to Text4Shell

Yet another *4Shell exploit highlights the horror of strange visitors into enterprise environments. This Tech Tip focuses on what to do next.

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Why Africa's Telecoms Must Actively Collaborate to Combat Fraud

Unique conditions contribute to outsized telecom fraud across the continent, but working together can bring solutions.

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
'Patch Lag' Leaves Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable

Months after a fix was issued by a vendor, downstream Android device manufacturers still haven't patched, highlighting a troubling trend.

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Hot Ticket: 'Aurora' Go-Based InfoStealer Finds Favor Among Cyber-Threat Actors

The infostealer Aurora’s low detection rates and newcomer status are helping it fly under the radar, as more cybercriminal gangs target c...

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Microsoft: Popular IoT SDKs Leave Critical Infrastructure Wide Open to Cyberattack

Chinese threat actors have already used the vulnerable and pervasive Boa server to infiltrate the electrical grid in India, in spate of malicious...

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Penetration Testing Market Size Is Projected to Reach $5.28B Globally by 2028

Fueling the trend are the rising adoption of cloud computing solutions, technology advancements, stricter data safety regulations, and the move to...

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Where Are We Heading With Data Privacy Regulations?

New laws have made the current US privacy landscape increasingly complex.

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Cybersecurity Pros Put Mastodon Flaws Under the Microscope

As the open source social media network grabs the spotlight as a Twitter replacement, researchers caution about vulnerabilities.

Dark Reading | 6 days ago
Adversarial AI Attacks Highlight Fundamental Security Issues

An AI's "world" only includes the data on which it was trained, so it otherwise lacks context — opening the door for creative attacks from cyber a...

Dark Reading | 6 days ago
Ducktail Cyberattackers Add WhatsApp to Facebook Business Attack Chain

The Vietnam-based financial cybercrime operation's primary goal is to push out fraudulent ads via compromised business accounts.

Dark Reading | 6 days ago
DraftKings Account Takeovers Frame Sports-Betting Cybersecurity Dilemma

Cybercrooks have drained DraftKings accounts of $300K in the past few days thanks to credential stuffing, just as the 2022 FIFA World Cup starts up.

Dark Reading | 6 days ago
Cyber Due Diligence in M&As Uncovers Threats, Improves Valuations

To get the full picture, companies need to look into the cybersecurity history and practices of the business they're acquiring.

Dark Reading | 6 days ago
How Work From Home Shaped the Road to SASE for Enterprises

As SASE adoption grows, with its allure of simplified protection via one network and security experience for hybrid workers, remember: Have an...

Dark Reading | 6 days ago

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