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4 lesser-known attack types

Being aware of the threats that lurk out there is mandatory in order to know how to defend against them. Since applications are getting more sophisticated and a lot more technologies are brought in the game, new attack vectors arise. Here are 4...

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GitLab Doles Out Half a Million Bucks to White Hats

The DevOps lifecycle management said that response to its year-old bug-bounty program has been robust.

Threatpost | 2 hours ago
Pairing Privacy and Security with Digital Identities in Retail

Omnichannel views of customers are a competitive edge -- but they have to be appropriately implemented.

Threatpost | 4 hours ago
Visa Warns of Targeted PoS Attacks on Gas Station Merchants

At least two North American chains have been hit in sophisticated new campaigns for stealing payment card data.

Dark Reading | 4 hours ago
Elegant sLoad Carries Out Spying, Payload Delivery in BITS

The BITS file-transfer component of Windows as a key piece of sLoad's attack methodology.

Threatpost | 5 hours ago
Critical Bug in WordPress Plugins Open Sites to Hacker Takeovers

One flaw found in WordPress plugins Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and Ultimate Addons for Elementor is actively being exploited.

Threatpost | 6 hours ago
'Motivating People Who Want the Struggle': Expert Advice on InfoSec Leadership

Industry veteran and former Intel security chief Malcolm Harkins pinpoints three essential elements for leaders to connect with their employees...

Dark Reading | 7 hours ago
Fortinet Buys CyberSponse for SOAR Capabilities

It plans to integrate CyberSponse's SOAR platform into the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Dark Reading | 7 hours ago
Endpoint Protection: Dark Reading Caption Contest Winners

Trojans, knights, and medieval wordplay. And the winners are ...

Dark Reading | 9 hours ago
FIN8 Targets Card Data at Fuel Pumps

Paying at the pump has landed in the sights of the notorious PoS-skimming group.

Threatpost | 9 hours ago
Lessons Learned from 7 Big Breaches in 2019

Capital One, Macy's, FEMA, and others: key takeaways from the year's most notable breaches.

Dark Reading | 10 hours ago
Android App Analysis Uncovers Seasonal Shopping Risk

Researchers scanned 4,200 Android apps and found many exhibit malicious behavior or have a dangerous level of permissions.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Critical Remote Code-Execution Bugs Threaten Global Power Plants

Seventeen bugs could be exploited to stop electrical generation and cause malfunctions at power plants.

Threatpost | a day ago
Cyberattacks on Retailers Could Increase 20% this Holiday Season

Commodity malware and ransomware continue to be the biggest threats, says VMWare Carbon Black.

Dark Reading | a day ago
The Most, Least Insecure US Cities for SMBs

A new report looks at computer activity in the 50 largest metropolitan areas.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Gallium: The Newest Threat Group on Microsoft's Radar

Hacking group has been targeting telecommunication providers.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Get Organized Like a Villain

What cybercrime group FIN7 can teach us about using agile frameworks.

Dark Reading | a day ago
All in the (Ransomware) Family: 10 Ways to Take Action

Check out our list of top 10 things to do to protect your organization from the deepening scourge of ransomware.

Threatpost | a day ago
Thanks, Larry!

A no-tech trick, a la social engineering, can lead to huge corporate security consequences -- and it might just score the criminal a new car.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Maze Ransomware Behind Pensacola Attack, Data Breach Looms

Maze exfiltrates data as well as locks down systems. Officials said they don't know yet whether any residents' personal information has been...

Threatpost | a day ago
Smart Building Security Awareness Grows

In 2020, expect to hear more about smart building security.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Lessons from the NSA: Know Your Assets

Chris Kubic worked at the National Security Agency for the past 32 years, finishing his tenure as CISO. He talks about lessons learned during his...

Dark Reading | a day ago
Waking Up to Third-Party Security Risk

You can't rely on the words, intentions, or security measures of others to guard your company, customer and brand.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Your Smart Christmas Lights Are Safer Than They Were Last Year

Manufacturers of the Twinkly IoT-connected lights slightly boosted security by switching out the Wi-Fi module, according to Pen Test Partners.

Threatpost | a day ago
Retail Cyberattacks Set to Soar 20% in 2019 Holiday Season

A couple of factors this year are making the 2019 holiday shopping season a circus for cybercriminals when it comes to cyberattacks against retail...

Threatpost | a day ago

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