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Introduction to Python

Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language that is widely used for web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. It is known for its simplicity, readability, and versatility, making it a popular...

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Spotlight on 2023 Dan Kaminsky Fellow: Dr. Gus Andrews

As the second Kaminsky Fellow, Dr. Andrews will study the use of threat intelligence to track campaigns against the human rights community.

Dark Reading | 9 hours ago
Discord Admins Hacked by Malicious Bookmarks

A number of Discord communities focused on cryptocurrency have been hacked this past month after their administrators were tricked into running...

Krebs on Security | 10 hours ago
Human-Assisted CAPTCHA-Cracking Services Supercharge Shopper Bots

On-demand human solvers are now augmenting automated website cyberattacks, offering a better way around tougher anti-bot puzzles.

Dark Reading | 13 hours ago
421M Spyware Apps Downloaded Through Google Play

A Trojan SDK snuck past Google Play protections to infest 101 Android applications, bent on exfiltrating infected device data.

Dark Reading | 13 hours ago
Undetected Attacks Against Middle East Targets Conducted Since 2020

Targeted attacks against Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations have been detected with a tool that's been in the wild since 2020.

Dark Reading | 18 hours ago
9M Dental Patients Affected by LockBit Attack on MCNA

The government-sponsored dental and oral healthcare provider warned its customers that a March attack exposed sensitive data, some of which was...

Dark Reading | 18 hours ago
Pentagon Leaks Emphasize the Need for a Trusted Workforce

Tightening access controls and security clearance alone won't prevent insider threat risks motivated by lack of trust or loyalty.

Dark Reading | 21 hours ago
Top Cyberattacks Revealed in New Threat Intelligence Report

New report provides actionable intelligence about attacks, threat actors, and campaigns.

Dark Reading | a day ago
2 Lenses for Examining the Safety of Open Source Software

Improving the security of open source repositories while keeping malicious components out requires a combination of technology and people.

Dark Reading | 4 days ago
Tesla Whistleblower Leaks 100GB of Data, Revealing Safety Complaints

Informants have released data that includes thousands of safety complaints the company has received about its self-driving capability, as well as...

Dark Reading | 4 days ago
Travel-Themed Phishing, BEC Campaigns Get Smarter as Summer Season Arrives

Phishing campaigns targeting travelers have evolved from simple, easy-to-spot fraud attempts to highly sophisticated operations.

Dark Reading | 4 days ago
Phishing Domains Tanked After Meta Sued Freenom

The number of phishing websites tied to domain name registrar Freenom dropped precipitously in the months surrounding a recent lawsuit from social...

Krebs on Security | 4 days ago
How Safe Is Your Wearable Device?

To mitigate risk, both developers and users must include security principles and technologies as core foundations in new devices.

Dark Reading | 4 days ago
Russia's War in Ukraine Shows Cyberattacks Can Be War Crimes

Ukraine head of cybersecurity Victor Zhora says the world needs "efficient legal instruments to confront cyber terrorism."

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
'Volt Typhoon' Breaks Fresh Ground for China-Backed Cyber Campaigns

This is the first incident where a threat actor from the country appears to be laying the groundwork for disruptive attacks in the future,...

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Red Hat Tackles Software Supply Chain Security

The new Red Hat Trusted Software Supply Chain services help developers take a secure-by-design approach to build, deploy, and monitor software.

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
CosmicEnergy Malware Emerges, Capable of Electric Grid Shutdown

Russian code that could tamper with industrial machines and toggle RTUs on and off was floating around VirusTotal for years before being noticed....

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Lazarus Group Striking Vulnerable Windows IIS Web Servers

The infamous North Korean APT group is using Log4Shell, the 3CX supply chain attack, and other known vectors to breach Microsoft Web servers.

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Netflix's Password-Sharing Ban Offers Security Upsides

The streaming giant is looking to bolster flagging subscription growth and profits, but security researchers say the move offers a perfect...

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Perception Point Report Finds That Advanced Phishing Attacks Grew by 356% in 2022

Perception Point's 2023 Annual Report: Cybersecurity Trends & Insights' analyzes the most prevalent cyberattack trends amidst today's complex...

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
Bank of Ghana Opens SOC to Enable Threat Intelligence Sharing

Bank of Ghana's security operations center will boost visibility into threats and enable threat intelligence sharing, it says.

Dark Reading | 5 days ago
'Operation Magalenha' Attacks Give a Window Into Brazil's Cybercrime Ecosystem

A campaign against customers of Portuguese banks uses a capable financial malware strain dubbed PeepingTitle, written in the Delphi programming...

Dark Reading | 5 days ago

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