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Buffer Overflow to Run Root Shell - Full Tutorial

Buffer Overflow Basics Overview Buffer overflows were an earth-shattering vulnerability exploited in the late 1980’s that are protected against on modern systems. That said, they are still relevant, and pave the way to learning more advanced e...

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Reddit Attack Defaces Dozens of Channels

The attack has defaced the channels with images and content supporting Donald Trump.

Dark Reading | an hour ago
Hacking the PLC via Its Engineering Software

Researcher will demonstrate at DEF CON an emerging threat to industrial control networks.

Dark Reading | an hour ago
Attackers Horn in on MFA Bypass Options for Account Takeovers

Legacy applications don't support modern authentication -- and cybercriminals know this.

Threatpost | an hour ago
400+ Qualcomm Chip Vulnerabilities Threaten Millions of Android Phones

Security researchers found hundreds of pieces of vulnerable code in the Qualcomm Snapdragon chips powering Android phones.

Dark Reading | 2 hours ago
Have I Been Pwned Set to Go Open-Source

Fully opening the door to allow people to contribute to – and notably, tinker with – the code for the data-breach information service will be an en...

Threatpost | 2 hours ago
Researcher Finds New Office Macro Attacks for MacOS

Building successful macro attacks means getting past several layers of security, but a Black Hat speaker found a way through.

Dark Reading | 4 hours ago
BEC Campaigns Target Financial Execs via Office 365

A series of business email compromise campaigns has been targeting executives of more than 1,000 companies, most recently in the US and Canada.

Dark Reading | 4 hours ago
IoT Security During COVID-19: What We've Learned & Where We're Going

Vigilance and ongoing training combined with an integrated security framework are key aspects of a successful strategy in the fight against the...

Dark Reading | 7 hours ago
Hackers Dump 20GB of Intel’s Confidential Data Online

Chipmaker investigates a leak of intellectual property from its partner and customer resource center.

Threatpost | 8 hours ago
Augmenting AWS Security Controls

Appropriate use of native security controls in AWS and other CSPs is fundamental to managing cloud risk and avoiding costly breaches.

Threatpost | 9 hours ago
Black Hat 2020: Influence Campaigns Are a Cybersecurity Problem

An inside look at how nation-states use social media to influence, confuse and divide -- and why cybersecurity researchers should be involved.

Threatpost | 21 hours ago
Getting to the Root: How Researchers Identify Zero-Days in the Wild

Google Project Zero researcher Maddie Stone explains the importance of identifying flaws exploited in the wild and techniques used to do it.

Dark Reading | 21 hours ago
Researchers Create New Framework to Evaluate User Security Awareness

Approaches based on questionnaires and self-evaluation are not always a good indicator of how well a user can mitigate social engineering threats.

Dark Reading | 21 hours ago
A Mix of Optimism and Pessimism for Security of the 2020 Election

DHS CISA's Christopher Krebs and Georgetown University's Matt Blaze at Black Hat USA give the lowdown on where things stand and what still needs...

Dark Reading | 22 hours ago
Dark Reading Video News Desk Returns to Black Hat

UPDATED: Coming to you prerecorded from in front of carefully arranged bookcases around the world ...!

Dark Reading | a day ago
Where Dark Reading Goes Next

Dark Reading Editor-in-Chief gives a complete rundown of all the Dark Reading projects you might not even know about, his insight into the future...

Dark Reading | a day ago
Black Hat 2020: Mercedes-Benz E-Series Rife with 19 Bugs

Researchers went into detail about the discovery and disclosure of 19 security flaws they found in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which have all been fixed.

Threatpost | a day ago
On 'Invisible Salamanders' and Insecure Messages

Cornell researcher Paul Grubbs discusses how vulnerabilities found in Facebook Messenger encryption could mean trouble for your secure messages.

Dark Reading | a day ago
Exploiting Google Cloud Platform With Ease

Security engineer Dylan Ayrey and Cruise senior infrastructure security engineer Allison Donovan describe fundamental weaknesses in GCP identity...

Dark Reading | a day ago
Information Operations Spotlighted at Black Hat as Election Worries Rise

From Russia's "best-in-class" efforts at widening social divides in Western democracies to China's blunt attacks on dissidents, information...

Dark Reading | a day ago
Office 365's Vast Attack Surface & All the Ways You Don't Know You're Being Exploited Through It

Mandiant incident response managers Josh Madeley and Doug Bienstock describe how thoroughly Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) extends...

Dark Reading | a day ago
Canon Admits Ransomware Attack in Employee Note, Report

The consumer-electronics giant has suffered partial outages across its U.S. website and internal systems reportedly, thanks to the Maze gang.

Threatpost | a day ago
OpenText Blends Security, Data Protection for Greater Cyber Resilience

SPONSORED CONTENT: Infosec professionals are taking advantage of technology hybrids to keep users, data, and their networks more safe, according...

Dark Reading | a day ago
Why Satellite Communication Eavesdropping Will Remain A Problem

Oxford PhD candidate James Pavur shows that SATCOM security has still made no progress since previous Black Hat disclosures, and discusses the...

Dark Reading | a day ago

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