Forensics 2

Dannydeleto [dannydeleto]
4 years ago | edited 4 years ago


I had some free time and built this Forensics level. It is considerably more difficult than the first IMO. Any feedback is appreciated! Now have fun!

[quote=Prompt]Craig Freeman sent a bomb threat to an important building. The FBI found his PC wiping his hard drive. They obtained a disc image of the remaining files, although some may be corrupted.

Find the time the bomb will go off and the name of Craig’s accomplice.[/quote]


Look back over the prompt :p

First to PM me with the correct info wins! First, second, and third place will be posted.

Note: If you have already downloaded the ISO, please download this one. It has fixed an error feuerstein found.

1st place: @feuerstein

Darwin [DIDIx13]
4 years ago


Thanks for this level hope everybody will enjoy it ! :D

fred [feuerstein]
4 years ago


thx 4 the efford, I’ll have a look at it :)


No problem, have fun!

4 years ago | edited 4 years ago


dannydeleto hasn’t updated for 3 months so I guess the comp would be over by now…

Still thanks though - have been looking for some more forensic projects!!

Darwin [DIDIx13]
4 years ago


You can still try to find out the answers and if @dannydeleto doesn’t answer you @feuerstein is the winner (and a very friendly member), he might be able to tell you if you are right or wrong :)

4 years ago


Is it still available? I found the name and time.


@code123 Yes! PM me your results and I’ll verify it! B)


@4dl0lz Apparently I never saw your post :/ I just randomly checked in again.

I’m still active (I gotta finish Crypt and Real, lol!), but I try to check in at least every week or so anyway. Feel free to PM me with any questions, feedback, or potential answers! If you get it, I’ll update my OP with you in 2nd place. Good luck.

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