did it but the sortion may be wrong


7 months ago


so i wrote a code that does it and it sorted the following words:

should, there, only, wants, some, because, for, must, will, got, likely, while, which, whom, also, after, but, how, the, often, dear, able, them, other, your, any, else, his, could, with, rather, who, since, have, not, let, had, about, when, than, like, however, almost, where


able, about, after, almost, also, any, because, but, could, dear, else, for, got, had, have, his, how, however, let, like, likely, must, not, often, only, other, rather, since, some, than, the, them, there, wants, when, where, which, while, who, whom, will, with, your, should

why isnt it correct?

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