How to make example.png

Captcha 5

4 years ago


I can blur the image, but I cannot write the same text what I see on example.png.
I use XAMPP for PHP on Windows, maybe that is the problem …

I try using spaces, split up the text what I see on the image …
I try grouping letters and the pixel positions are matching, just the shades of green aren’t exactly the same.
I tried picking up colors from the image, and try brute force with those colors, but … I cannot have the same image ……… still.

Any help would be appreciated. May somebody help me?

fred [feuerstein]
4 years ago


Don’t quit too early, keep trying different ways

Mugi [Mugiwara27]
4 years ago


Here’s a good thing that might help you more than you think, and you’ll learn great things from it : do it by yourself

Keep trying things and you’ll be able to complete the puzzle that is Captcha5 :)

This level is all about making a same picture and then it’s something more trivial, but you know what this part is (If I get well what you told me in PM)

Good luck!

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