Nested Spoilers

Dannydeleto [dannydeleto]
2 years ago | edited 2 years ago


On the previous hackthis!! we were able to nest spoilers with BB code. Unfortunetaly, this feature seems to be unavailible - though this could be intentional instead of a bug. Also, information on how to use the spoiler seems to be unavailible in the markdown thread.


This input (forward slash excluded)

  Parent Spolier  
  <\!- Nested Spoiler -!\>  


Parent Spolier
<!- Nested Spoiler


Darwin [DIDIx13]
2 years ago | edited 2 years ago


May I ask why would you want to nest spoiler ?


Wait… am I just braindead and making a fool of myself? How did you do that? Haha!

I previously nested spoilers in a guide I wrote because I included a couple optional steps so I hid them. I don’t know, it made sense to me at the time, but it would probably be better to just not nest spoilers lol. I just went to fix it since the site migrated and nesting the spoilers was something I couldn’t reproduce.

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