Can't Complete Level (Invalid Login Details)

Planet Bid

7 months ago


Hi All,

I have performed the transfer successfully, but when Safe Transfer redirects back to, I am greeted with an error “Invalid Login Details” and the level remains incomplete.

From browsing the various help threads, I see mentions of an error message regarding logging that is supposed to appear, however I do not encounter it, nor is it in the source code of PlanetBid.

P.S. I suspected that this may be a browser issue (using Chrome), but also encountered the same with Internet Explorer.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Luke [flabbyrabbit]
7 months ago


Thanks for the bug report. The level has been fixed 🙆‍

You will need to complete the last step of the level again for the system to mark it as complete.

7 months ago


Thanks for the bug fix Luke, will re-attempt soon!

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