List of suggestions for improvements and new features

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Since I’ve got a couple of suggestions, instead of opening a new thread for each, I decided to put them all here in a list.

  1. When deleting a thread there is no confirmation. I think it would be a good idea to prompt the user to confirm his action. Similarly, other activities that would result in loss of content could also require confirmation (e.g. when creating a thread and leave the page).
  2. At the old HackThis!!, there was a list of completed levels per user (i.e. when you visit somebody’s profile you can see which levels he/she has passed and which not). I guess it would be cool to have this back.
  3. Add additional information for users' public profile (e.g. last login).
  4. The CSRF token expires just as soon as it does on other pages when you are creating a thread or article. This results in the markdown parser being unusable when asking for a preview. A workaround is to copy the content and revisit the page so as to have a new CSRF token generated. IMO, such activities require the user to stay on the page for a longer period of time. Maybe the token should have a longer expiry time in such cases.
  5. Add the horizontal line ( <hr> ) to the editor’s toolbar.
  6. Create a separate section in the forum / discussions for moderators. Or three distinct sections that could also be based on the type of moderator (bronze, silver, gold). This could allow us to have internal discussions on topics that should otherwise not be public and would discourage us from opening a ticket (which I don’t think is a good means of communication between moderators as tickets are used for other cases).
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