Don't understand why I can't identify

Something for you

HAL [VileAnnie]
7 months ago


Tell me if I’m spoiling too much.
I’m proceeding like I did to resolve Unknown Sender, but in reverse (in some ways).

None of my responses are the solution and I don’t get it.
I tried all kinds of IDs so is there a hidden hint which I maybe cannot see due to my poor translation/understanding ?

7 months ago


Well, try to at least answer the question it asks, not the one you think it asks. Other than that, waiting a couple of days sometimes helps.

HAL [VileAnnie]
7 months ago


Thanks @dloser I think actually this is a matter of time. I’ll be back ;)

5 months ago


I’ve tried a few things, first obvious, then even going as far as holding my thumb against the textarea to get a good scan of my ‘thumbprint’

Tried waiting a few days, tried using the steps in the Privacy guide..

I’ve got a 3000-some bit key… is it looking for 4096 bits specifically?


i upload my public key to
but also not working

any hint for solving this challenge
iam not getting any idea

2 months ago | edited 2 months ago


hmm. same problem??? i am stuck. i waited for 2 days. but no reply.

i also wrote the pub_key of mine in the who are u.
i tried my id or e mail of the key.. but key not found is replied… so bad..

i also uploaded the key in sever(that server is same as the key of previous unknown sender is located.

hmm. after that. what can i do ?? just wait ?? ^^.



Have been waiting for 2 days already… How long can it take?

6 days ago


Alex - I put this on the shelf for 5 months since life got a little busy, came back today, and it worked.
So… the answer is somewhere between 2 days and 5 months.

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