What is Hacking Exactly?

6 months ago


I want to know what hacking really is? is it something that one can learn on his own or is it something God gifted (sounds same i guess), Can it be taught like a course like mathmatics or physics where following certain rules will lead you to the answer and there is a fromula that you must or can use to find x. Does it have a procedural approach first step than second step than and so on. Do one needs to be a programmer first to be a hacker after all code is used sometime or is it just random shit someone trying and it worked I mean the first person (who ever that is, sorry idk) who hacked something the very first time either a website a server or a programm, How did he come up with his code of hacking.


( I am not a hacker
I am not a programmer either (I did try to learn by watching tutorials though)

6 months ago


Hi, personally speaking, hacking can be taught. Best hackers may be gifted, but normally it’s just about knowlege, patience and logic. There are tons of books and courses out there about “cyber security” which is about the same problem. Hackers find systme vunerability and break in. Cyber security defenders find those weak points and fix them. Same technique and similar procedure. Only difference is how to make use of the findings.
I think coding is necessary. When you debate with someone, the first thing is to understand what he says and find the logical loophole. Hacking is the same.

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