Election Day: any hint??

Election day

Salvatore [SalMau]
a year ago | edited a year ago


I’m stuck in this level for weeks. I’m tryin to change the method for posting the vote, but nothing. I’m searching for different files but nothing. Any hint? Burpsuite could help? I only noticed that her ID is different from the others, but don’t know what to do. Merci!

2 months ago


It’s very hard to give a hint for this one, but there are three steps (I know it’s kinda obvious and irritating answer, but…):
1. What do you need to do?
2. Why you cannot do it?
3. How to do it?
May be somebody can give a better hint.

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a week ago | edited a week ago


well i i tried >> different encodings but nothing works. i wonder if i am in the right path :/

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