election day: will i need any tools to solve this? (yes or no)

Election day


i am logged in from google chrome and i want to know if ill need anything other than the broswer to solve this. since it says denied by a web application firewall i though that maybe i should monitor my packets via something to check why the request for the vote is denied and how the others are accepted. Of course first thing i did was notice the difference in her href, and i tried to set it to something similar to the others via jquery and java but of course it didnt work. I dont want any directions i just want to know if i need to use tools. dont tell me what tools just a yes or no please…

3 years ago


the problem is the d letter if we could use an encoding that bypasses the waf for the letter d we got it but im not sure which encoding might work i guess i have to bruteforce.

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I think it is not a spoiler (I’m a bit confused why no one answered before): you don’t need any special tools, but they can be helpful.

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