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Morse without word/letter spacing

A friend of mine just came up with this idea of encoding messages as morse code without spaces. In his puzzle he used 25 signals that mapped to around 14 million possible combinations. Then it’s a matter of searching for coherent text in this space.

I’ll leave his puzzle here translated to english.

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The following are both possible messages, but have a completely different meaning:

SOS HELP= …—… ……-.. .–.=> …—………-…–.
I AM HIS DATE = .. .- – …. .. … -.. .- - . => …—………-…–.

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Ok see the idea.
So I gess you want to create a way to encrypt data with this new method by using a key containing numbers representing where is the en of each word, right ?
If this is your idea, I’m not an expert but I think that nowadays, computers are enough powerfull to encrypt and find the key. No ? And it could have differents meanings and also many ways to read the same thing.

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Yes! That would be the problem. Filtering non-existing bigrams or trigrams decreases the search space a lot. Also, it’s necessary to create a flag that is unambiguous from the other possibilities.

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