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4 years ago


Hi, I found several possible keys that gives the good validation code, but none of the keys I tested are accepted as answer. Is there something I’m missing or do I have to try all the keys I found?
Thanks ;-)

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3 years ago


Same here.

I don’t think the level author accounted for collisions XD

3 years ago


So, I’ve got 15876 serials that match RRFFT-SDEPV-TBSRI-YBJQJ-SJOEF.

There are a couple avenues I haven’t explored in in a few tries. They may or may not be dead ends, but the binary has a weird spot in the argument processing that might be real and might just be an artifact of my toolset.

I’m starting to think the only way to solve this level is to generate every possible collision (no idea how many yet, probably in the hundreds of thousands?) and try all of them

🐉 [Cheerfulbull]
4 months ago



I know this thread is very old, but still wanted to tell all future challengers:
The solution is a-z0-9, so just digits and lowercase letters, but NO upperase letters. It also makes sense reading it as leetspeak.

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