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I’m stuck on level 6. I’m pretty new to this as well. I’ve figured out that I need to download the code into notepad, and add or replace a user with “flamebow” to look like this: >> flamebow (sorry for the color, I can’t figure out how to change it) However, when I open the code in my browser, select “flamebow”, then hit submit, it just reloads the page and doesn’t work. Is there something I’m doing wrong/a resource that will point me in the right direction? Thank you!

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You don’t need to download the page, if you do this it won’t work. But you can still edit the source code (temporarily) with right click then “inspect element”.


i have “edited so called source” with name given to login, doesnt change page. also did to do list please help thank you.

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You are on the right track. Keep playing around with the code to see what does what. Some changes you make will be visible on the page and some won’t. Make sure to click outside of the area you changed to see how your source code changes affect the page.

Reading up on “Post” and “Get” methods should also help on this and future challenges.

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