3 weeks ago


im totally new to the world of hacking
can someone help me with the first level pls?
im so lost
(and pls use non-coding vocab, or u cud, just explain what it means)

f0rk [HackingGuy]
3 weeks ago


So for starters, you made the topic of your thread in the Off-topic section instead of the Intro 1 section.
For future reference you want to post help threads inside the associated forum.

Also, you should try looking around that forum to see what other people have said before posting something, as it is very likely that other people have already answered the questions you’re asking.


Howdy friend! As a new hacker (obviously ethically) these terms and code can all be very daunting. For the intro sections, I highly recommend that you learn plenty about HTML, JavaScript, and (as a side thing) Python. As far as asking for help, @f0rk summed it up perfectly. Godspeed, my friend, and happy hacking!

Just a hint, check the source code ( control + u ) 😜

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