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f0rk [HackingGuy]
2 years ago | edited 2 years ago


I’m having trouble with the deblurring process.

I calculated the PSF with:

Deconv (both direct and Wiener)

and it seems that the PSF generated doesn’t deblur the other images well at all. For example

I’m assuming that the same PSF is used every time an image is generated. In that case, the PSF should provide nearly deblurred results.

I can provide my code to someone that has solved the chall over PM if you’re willing to help. :)

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f0rk [HackingGuy]
2 years ago


Reviving this thread in hopes that someone will help. ;P

f0rk [HackingGuy]
2 years ago


Nvm this solution is not right! I’ve resorted to another method ;P

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