QUESTION: Evil Maid Attacks.


So… I recently fell victim to an evil maid attack. From what I can see… they swapped out my wifi card… and also effed up my bios.

My reaction was to..
1) Pull the wifi card and run only off eth
2) Run a fully encrypted version of kali directly off of my HD. I am hoping that whatever they did to my bios… they wouldnt have planned for me to jump to linux install… and hopefully did not program for that? IDK really know how that works. I know when I’m logged in it decrypts every thing… so I not up to any schenanigans thats for sure

I obviously need to get a new computer… Any other thoughts or comments? Feel free to enlighten me…

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If they touched the bios and you dont have the bios password the best advice is to use another pc. You can install Tails on a simple usb and run it from the usb. Its the TOR’s OS I used for a longtime, its full-secure and very easy to use. Every time you unplug your usb key, there are no traces on the key and no traces on the pc. You can have the OS and your Desktop in your own pocket and its preaty cool.

f0rk [HackingGuy]
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If they ‘effed’ with your BIOS you either wouldn’t be able boot, or have a bootkit installed.

Only advice I have is to swap motherboards and run a clean wipe on your hard drive disk, unless you can somehow find out how they ‘effed’ with your BOIS, then you should run a live distro of kali, parrot, or tails and un'eff' it up.

Start by getting the BIOS version of your motherboard.

Other questions you should ask are “why do these people have access to my device?” and “did I press Win+L?”

Jk Jk

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