help please

Intro 8

7 years ago


I found the thing that I have to decrypt, but it just doesn’t work..
I tried win7 calculator, which doesn’t work. I don’t understand anything from the hints posted in the other threads
and what people mean by o0O’s.. I have no clue what to do.
Hex>text binary>text hex>binary I tried every possibility.
Could anyone help me please?!

J [ColdIV]
7 years ago


Well you obviously didn’t try everything d:
The Win7 calculator is enough for this level and the hint actually tells you in what you have to change it. You say you found it, so I guess you know what it is and you know in what to change it.. so you should just enter the first line in the calc and change it in what you need. and then you do the same with the 2nd line..

Mark [OhB1]
7 years ago


What you found, what does it translate to in the format that is in the hint?

Solve that and solve the challenge.

[deleted user]
7 years ago


Level 8 is simple enough. If you have found the code you were to get in the hint of this level you need to convert it and this can be done here: TRANSLATE

Also remember what the hint said: Make sure you use uppercase letters.

7 years ago


just to elaborate on COLDIV statement

assuming you have the got the answer. the correct answer.

what happend to me was this.
i also go it (i’m a numbering systems expert)
so if you need to know anything about binary, let me know

it’s really helpful to know how to do it beyond relying on a calculator LOL.

anyway, what happened to me was
i converted it manually (not with a calculator)
i then go the answer, entered it

SO…. My advice is. Look more closely and check your answer and don’t assume that you entered the correct answer.

i looked again, used a bit of common sense then realised my mistake.
I’m not going to say it. But it’s not hard to figure out. (assuming you have the correct answer)

message me if you still have trouble


tell me wher i can find a online calc wich encrypt the binary code
i have a macbook and i am a bginner :p

7 years ago


marouen, and online Binary Calculator is not going to help you. a calculator is used for calculating mathematical problems. this is not your problem.
the Hint is basically giving it away for you.

Step 1. Look through the source code PART of the answer is their
Step 2. Read the Hint
Step 4. You need a Binary Converter, I"m not telling you Binary to WHAT.. You should be able to figure that out for yourself.

if you can’t
You need to read this content as research

further research
Base 2 Numbering system
Base 5 Numbering System
Base 8 Numbering System
Base 10 Numbering system
Base 16 Numbering system

it should take you about an hour to absorb this.. it’s not hard

it seems to me your trying to find an online binary decrption tool LOL
before you can do that , you need to know what your decrypting.

Forget the easy way… You won’t learn anything (that is assuming your here to learn)

Learn how numbering systems work, learn the concept behind each one
Learn how to calculate mathematical problems in each systems… Just start with add and subtract to begin with
(i assume you know mathematics on a Base 10 numbering system, start with that)
then move to binary
Practice converting one to the other and back and forth between them


Decimal Binary Hexadecimal Octal
64 = 1000000 = 40 = 100 and so on

do that if you want to atually learn something

if you just want to pass the level, and not learn anything
google the youtube video solution (but that’s a cop out)

if you are however, purposely not viewing the solution on you tube, then that means you actually want to learn…. good
so.. read up

or if you just want to attack the problem without reading up

Step 1. Look through the source code PART of the answer is their
Step 2. Read the Hint
Step 4. You need a Binary Converter, I"m not telling you Binary to WHAT.. You should be able to figure that out for yourself.

that’s all the advise anyone can give you without giving you the answer.

oh.. one last thing
when your sure you have the answer, but it still doesn’t work

Look a little closer and ask yourself …. “Could this be anything else”

7 years ago | edited 7 years ago


I found it I finally found it and I had to use a binary translator!!! I guess I can’t say the username and the password but….
Go to [removed] there are needed to be some modifications to the result.
Admin: removed spoiler

7 years ago


Good work pipisomegas, see , if you keep at it, You’ll get it, excellent work mate

7 years ago


@PipisOMegas your post was a giveaway. Don’t post as specific instructions in the future… And if you do, make sure people understand what they are doing instead of just using some tool like a drone…

7 years ago


hey guys i cant get it man can anyone help me out in this level?

? [stefanking56]
7 years ago


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7 years ago


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Foun it Man Tip : The O in the first word are zeros not O’s

6 years ago


i found the username and password but it not work…i try capital nd small combinations but it doesn’t work..plz…help me..

6 years ago


WTF!!! i got ans nd submit it bt it doesnt work…i also re confirm it on youtube

6 years ago



Sometimes you might want to modify the data before submitting it.

ɥouoɹ ɥɐɔʞǝɹ [rekcah.ronoh]
6 years ago | edited 6 years ago


loooofi If you really find the Binary-code Try bin 2 Hex.

Reply has been removed
huwan [l89967]
2 weeks ago


I looking for hexadecimal .but I shoud looking decimal

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