Question about Xmas '08

a month ago


I’ve gotten to the point where you can edit the site and assumed all i’d need to do was paste the alternate site’s html into index.php and hit save. However the editor doesn’t seem to work, is there another step for this challenge or is it a bug?

I figured it wouldn’t actually change index.php since that would deface the site for other people but I expected a redirect after or something.

a month ago


I did it right now to check if there is any bug but it has worked perfectly fine for me. Your steps are right but maybe try once more and make sure you copy the exact script. Once you complete the stage you will be redirected back to your mission page.

a month ago | edited a month ago


Still can’t get it to work, even after having python check that the post request matched document.documentElement.outerHTML.
a is the HTML according to the DOM, b is the value of the ‘text’ param in the post request after url decoding. (and the ‘filo’ param was set to index.php)

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