How to Configure PhotoRec?

Missile codes

aemogie. [theaemogie]
2 weeks ago


This discussion lead me to downloading testdisk + photorec. (I’m new to these tools.)
Opening the .img in testdisk showed all the file with the names but all the files were empty.
There, I saw a file with the name >> LaunchCodes , but the contents of all the files were empty when trying to copy it.
After reasearching more I found this.
So, I used PhotoRec. It recovered a lot of files but all with weird names like f0050212.
This recovered a rar file,>> which had an audio file in it (which was password protected but by bruteforcing I unlocked it.)

But since PhotoRec recovers files based on file extension (I think.) It didn’t recover the file >> LaunchCodes .
While reading through the other discussions, I found out that this file had the first 3 launch codes and I had to find the 4th from the audio file.
I have no clue what to search for in the audio file (or even how to) since I don’t have the first file.

aemogie. [theaemogie]
2 weeks ago


Also, for some reason, to me spoilers are shown as >> spoiler text. Hope that’s not the case for others.

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