Mr Robot Level?

Jayrox [JAYROX2020]
8 months ago


Hi good day

Im probly out muy depth here but i just wanted to firstly say that i seriously enjoy the whole website!!! fuck thats me being abit modest actually, I Fuking love this website!!!!
i seriously love the whole spoiler feature also, it forces a person to work harder a look deeper for answers like we suppose to.
i personally cant wait for the chat feature to be up and running, i kinda feel that would help alot with learning also and just a good place to relax, and talk to people with the same interest.

Shit sorry for babbling main reason im here..

I was wondering if it would be possible to make like a whole game out of the Mr Robot series with Rami Malek.
Like a role play thing, but of course break it down like into levels that have the same reward structure ofcourse as the rest of the website enviroment.

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