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Smeagol [1337hckr]
a week ago | edited a week ago


Hi all, I was browsing the web and I stumbled across this cool site.
I’m on Intro 9 right now, I thought I’d take a break and introduce myself.

I dabble in python and HTML, but I don’t have very much experience.
Is there anything else I need to learn before I continue?

🐉 [Cheerfulbull]
a week ago


Well, for the more advanced challenges, I suggest you learn all the web languages, so: learn js,sql and php(you should sometime learn css, but I haven’t seen anything on the website that requires it. Python is good for the coding and captcha challenges, but I see you already know it. But remember, to complete some challenges you don’t need a very in depth knowledge of the language. I completed sandra murphy without knowing too much xml/xpath stuff.

a week ago


Welcome here !

I think you can do every level with no knowledge at first and acquire it while doing challenges and python is great to help you in some levels, when you are forced to program - like captcha levels - and it can help you with crypt levels. I only know some HTML, a little of SQL and python (my skills have increased during last years and I was able to pass captcha level 4 !) but with intuition, the forum and the help of google I did most levels. Because you can find lots of information about how to hack things, how to do injection or learn how to analyse things related to your challenge for example crypt and cracking levels. There are lots of tools that you can find online too, they can help you analyse the content in some levels like cracking levels.

So just do levels at your rythm, if one is too hard for you, just try another and learn new things along the way, practice makes perfect !

And have fun here !

Smeagol [1337hckr]
a week ago


So, learn js, sql, php, and anything else I need along the way. Got it. Thanks!

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