CypherVault - file encryption software with optional plausible deniability

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Introducing CypherVault, a file encryption system, with optional plausible deniability.

I created this web application as a final year project at university. It uses AES encryption on your file, and provides you with the option to encrypt a second file. If you do not pick a second file, then one is randomly discovered on Faroo, and encrypted with a random password. This way there is always two files combined into one.

If an adversary tries to extort you into decrypting the second file, you can just claim that you can only decrypt the first file, as you never uploaded a second file! They cannot prove if the second file is yours, or a random file.

Should the encryption algorithm get cracked in the futureā€¦ you still have nothing to fear, just claim the second file is not yours and was randomly discovered on Faroo by the CypherVault service. They cannot prove it is your file as all metadata is erased.

Tutorial video here.

GitLab repository here.

As a community, I hope we can all contribute to this project and improve upon it.

The more donations I get, the more I can redevelop this project and fight for internet freedom.
BTC: 1Q7jwRZr2Am6pzDS8LCYqomuP7pBi1NzUP

Please share this everywhere and provide feedback as you see fit.

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Sorry just realised the repository and tutorial video were not public

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