CAPTCHA 5 - Don't give up!

Captcha 5

🐉 [Cheerfulbull]
a month ago


Hello everyone. I just solved captcha 5 with a lot of help from @bolofecal and would like to clarify a few things:
* Forget deblurring/deconvolutions. It won’t work
* The CAPTCHA 5 challenge runs on PHP 5.5
* example.png is impossible to match exactly. Here’s a link to the real thing:

? [bolofecal]
a month ago


Hi there, you’ve made significant progress, and I only gave you some hints. Congratulations on solving the captcha! I recall when I solved this challenge few years ago, the image had distinct colors for characters and the background. At that time, I was able to precisely match the image. However, in our recent attempts, the most similar image we achieved was in this PHP version. We utilized a Docker image to recreate it. Great job!

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