Playground labs?

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a month ago


Hi All:

Is there any documentaiton, walk throughs, and/or tips for completeting the labs? I am 101 level.


🐉 [Cheerfulbull]
a month ago | edited a month ago


Well… You’re supposed to complete them yourself. People are ready to give hints if neccesary, forums have some hints already, if you need specific clarification(not solution) you can always use PMs. If you’re really stuck on a challenge, just take a break from it and move onto the others! The easier challenges have lots of hints in the forums too. I started as a beginner too - it took me a day to get the first challenge! But, with some time(and quite a bit of help), I managed to get all the challenges. Sometimes all you need for a challenge is a break, and when you come back to the challenge you see it from a different angle. One Important thing is to solve them yourself. Believe me, cheating a challenge feels even worse than not getting it at all. You’ll also want to learn some programming, it will be useful.
Good luck, and have fun!

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