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Hey guys, so I have not been online for a while, so when I decided to come back yesterday, It is now defend the web. I am having trouble with the image levels, because I do not know to much about it.
Bringing me to the reason of posting this thread.
I need help with the beach level.
I have no idea where to go, and I was wondering if you guys had any links where I could learn about image encoding etc.

Thanks guys, your responses and participation mean a lot to me.

  • PurePanic
6 months ago


@feuerstein this article is very interesting, but recomanding it is quite missleading for this level.

LSB steganography as described in the article coudn’t be used here, this is a jpeg file

@purepanic there are multiple ways to store text data (e.g. passwords) in images, and some are simpler than other. You probably already know about this one.
Wikipedia’s article on the JPEG file format may give you an idea on where to look, especially the Syntax and structure section.

fred [feuerstein]
6 months ago


Yes you are right, this could be misleading. Only the first part about pictures in general is a little startaid

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